Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Good Song: "Leave The Light On," Overcoats 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "Leave The Light On" by Overcoats. This is a very weird little track, but for some reason I'm drawn to it and find myself listening to it over and over again, and always bobbing my head and, now, singing along. I think it would work even as an instrumental. Overcoats' delivery makes it seem like these women are saying something important, but I'm not sure what that is. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "High Ticket Attractions," The New Pornographers 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "High Ticket Attractions" by The New Pornographers. I remember the first time I was aware of this group was eons ago (2003), when a high school kid I judged at a speech and debate tournament told me to listen to the song "End Of Medicine." I did, and it was not my taste. So I've maintained not a grudge per se, but more like an assumption I wouldn't like their music. However, here's "High Ticket Attractions," a terrific piece of songwriting with a blast-of-air video that all works together nicely. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "I Feel It Coming," The Weeknd f/ Daft Punk 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "I Feel It Coming" by The Weeknd f/ Daft Punk. I realize I'm quite late to the party on this one, but I'm compelled to include it because only recently did I actually listen to the whole thing from start to finish, and suddenly a track I'd been lukewarm about is now one of my favorite songs out at the moment. It's ever-so-Michael Jackson and, compared to The Weeknd's other output, relatively tasteful. Really beautiful songwriting here, and pitch-perfect production. And great vocal performance, I have to admit. He's starting to win my over. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Trouble," The Knocks f/ Absofacto 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "Trouble" by The Knocks f/ Absofacto. It's a happy-sounding ditty with dark content, addressing the struggles faced by someone trapped in a prison of his own making. The Knocks were responsible for my 13th favorite song of 2014, "Classic" f/ Powers, a song they still play all the time at my gym even though I never hear it anywhere else. Both tracks are great; "Trouble" is sparser in its production and very effective in its own way. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "December Nights," Saskwatch 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "December Nights" by Saskwatch. There's something very '90s about it, which I love. Reminds me a bit of Sneaker Pimps meets Lucious Jackson, or something? Anyway, it's all very cool., and not structurally formulaic at all, so it's a fun ride that's full of surprises. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Ultralife," Oh Wonder 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "Ultralife" by Oh Wonder, a British duo. Man, I love this. It's so charming and affirming, but not corny at all. The richer instrumentals in the second verse are absolutely tremendous. The part of this track from 1:01 to 1:36 (the basketball sequence in the video, which also is lovely) is my favorite. This is easily one of the best songs I've heard so far this year. Also, here's a kind of cool drum cover. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Mo Bounce," Iggy Azalea 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "Mo Bounce" by Iggy Azalea. Sorry, I gotta call 'em like I see 'em. This track is hella catchy, a ton of fun and well-produced and delivered by Azalea. I absolutely love it. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Halfway There," Sheryl Crow 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "Halfway There" by Sheryl Crow. I love her, and this track hearkens back to her Tuesday Night Music Club days 20+ years ago. It has a timely message about creating open lines of communication and understanding between the Right and the Left. (Which will never, ever happen, because we're heading toward Civil War, but it's sweet that Crow thinks it's possible.) Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Young Hearts," Bunt f/ Beginners 4.23.17

Here's a new good song: "Young Hearts" by Bunt, featuring Beginners. Bunt is a German duo specializing in what they call Folk House, an unlikely mix of Folk and EDM (electronic dance music). The unusual result of this blend hits you in the first few moments of "Young Hearts," which has a piano part reminiscent of a silent Western movie, a sax part that sounds like it belongs in Miami Vice, and a harmonica breaks fitting for a hoedown, all over a modern, pulsing beat. Bunt's collaborators here are an indie rock quartet called Beginners. This is a fun, somewhat wacky romp. And it's really grown on me over the past month or so. I love it. Enjoy!