Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Good Song: "Cranes In The Sky," Solange 11.22.16

Here's a new good song: "Cranes In The Sky" by Solange (Knowles). Gets better on repeated listens. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Miss You," Gabrielle Aplin 11.22.16

Here's a new good song: "Miss You" by Gabrielle Aplin. Great instrumental track even without any vocals. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "The Space Between Our Eyes," SayWeCanFly 11.22.16

Here's a new good song: "The Space Between Our Eyes" by SayWeCanFly. Think it would have been better without the screaming background vocal but it's nevertheless a nice moody little rock song. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "No Vacancy," Nightly 11.22.16

Here's a new good song: "No Vacancy" by Nightly. A moody, mid-tempo '80s jam, totally up my alley. Great chord progression in the verses. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Dust My Shoulders Off," Jane Zhang f/ Timbaland

Here's a new good song: "Dust My Shoulders Off" by Jane Zhang f/ Timbaland. Always nice to see Timbaland credited on new songs. He should be doing more now and be more popular. But this is a cute, "nothing can hold me back" type of song. Inconsequential maybe but nicely done. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Thumbs," Sabrina Carpenter 11.22.16

Here's a new good song: "Thumbs" by Sabrina Carpenter. A somewhat odd juxtaposition here, because the lyrics to "Thumbs" are wise and discuss what a pity it is that some people waste their lives on fruitless, routine nonsense. But yet Sabrina is only 17. What does she know? Cute song, though. Fun lyrics. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Loveless," Lo Moon 11.22.16

Here's a new good song: "Loveless" by Lo Moon. It comes in two sizes: Venti (7 minutes 4 seconds) and Grande (4 minutes 18 seconds). Reminds me of "Careful What You Wish For" by Bell X1, the 53rd best new good song of 2013. It's slow and pretty, and builds into a cool climax. Enjoy!