Friday, October 21, 2016

New Good Song: "Not Above Love," AlunaGeorge 10.21.16

Here's a new good song: "Not Above Love" by AlunaGeorge. I kinda dig this act. "Attracting Flies" was good, as was "You Know You Like It" with DJ Snake. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Blended Family (What You Do For Love)," Alicia Keys 10.21.16

Here's a new good song: "Blended Family (What You Do For Love)" by Alicia Keys. Keys is someone I acknowledge is talented, and I think I should like her music more than I actually do, because she's a good singer with some nice sensibilities, and I always enjoy the incorporation of piano on a single. But generally her output annoys and underwhelms me. This one's pretty good, though. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "A.I.," OneRepublic f/ Peter Gabriel 10.21.16

Here's a new good song: "A.I." by OneRepublic f/ Peter Gabriel. OneRepublic is now 2 for 2, with some truly superior releases off their new album, Oh My My. Their best stuff yet. And I have a soft spot for Peter Gabriel and was excited to see his name attached to this track. His album So was the first tape I ever owned, and it's still among my favorite albums. "A.I." has a lot going for it, and the segue into Gabriel's slower denouement is welcome throwback to So. Enjoy!

New Good Song: "Bad Thing," The Mowgli's 10.21.16

Here's a new good song: "Bad Thing" by The Mowgli's. So catchy and fun. Enjoy!